Our Company provides professional pet waste cleanup and removal services to residential and commercial properties. We scoop up where your pets left off, so you and your family have a safe and clean yard to enjoy.

Dog Poop Clean Up Business

Did you know that dog waste can contain the following that are harmful to you and your family?

  • Fecal Coliforms: like E-coli can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and headaches
  • Roundworms: eggs found in poop are easily transferred between dogs
  • Guardia: often found in dog poop causes the diarrhea, cramping, and abdominal pain known as Montezuma’s revenge
  • Salmonella: can be spread by dog poop to other dogs and people.
Poop Cleaning Service

Frequency of Our Pet Waste Removal Services

Weekly – Pet Waste Management Service is provided Once per Week.

Every Other Week – Poop Scooping Service is provided Once Every Two Weeks.

Twice Weekly – Dog Poop Removal is provided Two Times per Week.

Monthly – Pet Poop Services are provided Once a Month.

Initial Cleaning-1st cleaning at the start of service if there are 3 or more weeks of accumulated dog waste

One Time Clean – One time cleaning of 3 or more weeks of accumulated dog waste.

Pet Poop Pickup Service Near By

Poop Scooping Service PET PICKUP has been servicing Southeastern Lower Michigan since 1993. We are the first dog waste removal / pooper scooper service company to become established in Michigan (if not the first to become established in the United States of America). This makes Pet Pickup "MICHIGAN'S PREMIER DOG WASTE REMOVAL SERVICES PROVIDER". Our mission statement is: "WE PICKUP WHERE YOUR PETS LEAVE OFF". In the pursuit of that mission PET PICKUP has been providing a service to almost all of the 5 counties in southeastern Michigan that covers Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston and Washtenaw counties. Pet Pickup’s dog and geese waste removal service has grown in popularity for almost two decades now. As many families have pets along with very busy schedules, we are fulfilling the need for this undesirable, tedious and time consuming canine chore. In these modern times where most of us are so busy with work and family matters, we tend to have no time to attend to trivial matters such as cleaning the poop from our pets. Dog and cat poop are the most common problem that may affect our health once left behind for a long time. The bacteria and germs they bring may threaten kids health and adults too. The pet waste can cause irritation to pet owners especially if they are found anywhere inside the home and make the house smelly and dirty. Hence, we need more often than not, pet poop cleanup services at least once or twice a week. As pet owners grow in number the needs for pet poop clean up services are likewise in great demand. Thus, businessmen tried to start venturing in this simple yet worthwhile form of business. These pet poop cleanup services mushroomed in the internet and just one dial will be enough for us to solve our problem with those waste from our pets. Among the usual services that these pet poop clean up service providers render to their pet owner clients involve mostly the cleanup of the area where their domestic pets live. They will visit to your place or homes and do the agreed conditions which may also include the cleaning of the owners pets themselves. The many services that they offer are much needed by their busy clients who have no more time to do those nasty jobs.

Dog Poop Clean Up Business Pricing For Yards

Canine Poop Picker Upper Service In an effort to minimize the issue of pet waste, many communities implement breed restrictions, weight limits or both. Some communities simply prohibit pets. Those communities that allow dogs usually have rules requiring owners to pick up after their pets but while most dog owners are conscientious it only takes an irresponsible few to “soil” the reputation of all dogs and their owners. The reality that many community managers soon face is that enforcement of pet policies is difficult at best, ineffective at worst, always expensive, and usually strains relationships within the community. Pet Waste Smells Bad. Also, when you fail to pick up the dog waste in a quick manner, it will start to smell really bad after a while. You want your yard to look clean and smell fresh. Therefore, you simply must remove the pet waste in as timely a manner as possible. Leftover Pet Waste Creates a Mess and Clogs the Yard. You will also find that when you don't pick up the pet waste, it will tend to accumulate and simply clog up your yard. This means that you are unable to use your yard as you would like and your neighbors surely won't appreciate the mess either. Our route managers’ are paid a very generous wage to assure that every “service visit” will be focused on quality and not the lack of it. Our route managers are assigned to the same routes / homes every week / visit so they are completely familiar with your yard / area, your pets areas of habit and in some cases even your pets. Pet Pickup guarantees every visit with the option of a “service call”. If you are dissatisfied with a service visit, then all you have to do is contact us within 24 hours of the visit and we will return to your home / business to rectify your concern and make adjustments on our end to assure the concern will not be recurring.